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Residential & Commercial
Copper, PEX, PVC, Cast Iron, Black pipe



What is PEX?

PEX is a high-temperature flexible plastic pressure pipe with over 40 years of successful use in the European market, including extensive testing for durability and material performance. 


PEX Advantages

  • Safety of potable water and long-term reliability

  • Resistance to corrosion, tuberculation, deposits

  • Chlorine and chloramine resistance

  • Flexibility to speed installations

  • Freeze-break resistance

  • Lightweight, easy to transport

  • Noise and water hammer resistance

  • No scrap value, avoiding job-site theft

  • Durability and toughness to survive job-site installations

  • No flame used for joining, with many fitting and joining options


Copper is a naturally corrosion-resistant metal, while galvanized steel will eventual leak and break because of corrosion damage. Although it is a durable metal (capable of withstanding 1,000 psi of pressure), copper is also lightweight, which makes it easier to work with (saving on labor costs) and also easier to extend over long stretches without supports. It’s also less expensive than steel and lead-free.

Copper is more environmentally friendly than plastic pipes because it consists of naturally occurring metal, whereas synthetic plastic creates a large amount of emissions during its manufacture.